Tour the Silk Road!

 Nancy Bettelley usually organises a holiday for the Arts Society Greenwich.  As it has not been possible to do so for 2 years, she thought you would enjoy being whisked on a Zoom magic carpet to an exotic venue, and so she has organised a study afternoon as follows:-

On the 2nd of October 21, Jane Angelini, an accredited Arts Society lecturer, will take us to the Silk Road, talking about 3 famous cities.  

Our “armchair travel” talk looks at the loveliest historic cities of Central Asia and is based around several visits made by Jane, in the last ten years.  At the heart of the ancient Silk Roads, Bukhara, the ‘Dome of Islam’, was for centuries a centre of artists, poets, scientists and scholars.  Its emirs resided in the austere Ark fortress, as old as the city itself.  No name is as evocative of the Silk Road than Samarkand, glorious capital of Tamerlane, which boasts the most magnificent central square in the Islamic world. From the 17th century, Khiva rose to pre-eminence, with one of the most homogeneous collections of later Islamic architecture, a museum city, frozen in time.

This event is very exciting. It will start at 2p.m. and will last 2 hours; the first lecture 45 minutes, interval of 10 minutes, second lecture 45 minutes, and then questions 

The cost  per person is £18, you will be able to pay by bank transfer or cheque

If you are interested, please contact Nancy Bettelley ( or look on Greenwich website