Study days and courses...Zoom & beyond!

The weather is improving and we shall be able to enjoy our own gardens, and those of parks and other properties.....and also watch a study day by Zoom on the  history of the art and colours of garden design...go to "Courses & Events"  for more information

These days have been devised by our team of Study Course Organisers together with the Arts Society accredited lecturers, and explore a wide range of artistic styles, lavish venues, exciting crafts, beautiful cities, fascinating artists. 

Of course, at the moment, these are happening by the miracle of Zoom!  But further ahead we are planning our return to live days where you can meet your friends, and enjoy new topics!!

Meanwhile keep safe, continue to browse amongst the study days and keep Zooming! 

Go to "Courses & Events" on this web-site and see the full programme