Tour the Silk Road!

 Nancy Bettelley usually organises a holiday for the Arts Society Greenwich.  As it has not been possible to do so for 2 years, she thought you would enjoy being whisked on a Zoom magic carpet to an exotic venue, and so she has organised a study afternoon as follows:-

On the 2nd of October 21, Jane Angelini, an accredited Arts Society lecturer, will take us to the Silk Road, talking about 3 famous cities.  

Our “armchair travel” talk looks at the loveliest historic cities of Central Asia and is based around several visits made by Jane, in the last ten years.  At the heart of the ancient Silk Roads, Bukhara, the ‘Dome of Islam’, was for centuries a centre of artists, poets, scientists and scholars.  Its emirs resided in the austere Ark fortress, as old as the city itself.  No name is as evocative of the Silk Road than Samarkand, glorious capital of Tamerlane, which boasts the most magnificent central square in the Islamic world. From the 17th century, Khiva rose to pre-eminence, with one of the most homogeneous collections of later Islamic architecture, a museum city, frozen in time.

This event is very exciting. It will start at 2p.m. and will last 2 hours; the first lecture 45 minutes, interval of 10 minutes, second lecture 45 minutes, and then questions 

The cost  per person is £18, you will be able to pay by bank transfer or cheque

If you are interested, please contact Nancy Bettelley ( or look on Greenwich website

Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies has lectured to the GLA Study Days for many years; many of you will remember standing on busy traffic corners hearing him clearly as we went about London exploring the many hidden gems he had to show us, as he enlightened us about this great city…..enjoyable memories!

Andrew is now retiring; we all thank him and wish him well.

Study days and courses...Zoom & beyond!

The weather is improving and we shall be able to enjoy our own gardens, and those of parks and other properties.....and also watch a study day by Zoom on the  history of the art and colours of garden design...go to "Courses & Events"  for more information

These days have been devised by our team of Study Course Organisers together with the Arts Society accredited lecturers, and explore a wide range of artistic styles, lavish venues, exciting crafts, beautiful cities, fascinating artists. 

Of course, at the moment, these are happening by the miracle of Zoom!  But further ahead we are planning our return to live days where you can meet your friends, and enjoy new topics!!

Meanwhile keep safe, continue to browse amongst the study days and keep Zooming! 

Go to "Courses & Events" on this web-site and see the full programme 


Unravelled Art---Something to look forward to!!!

The art programme at the London Wetland Centre, which has now been renamed Wetlands Unravelled, is now open.

 Anne Deeming, the artist that the Greater London Area Arts Society supported, is showing her work Whether It changes anything. Weather— it changes everything  

Over the past months Anne developed her ideas and made models of the final works. She made 5 sculptural pieces which are installed in the water and on the land on the west route of the site.  Visually the sculptures take their language from a number of sources – man made buildings, boats, hides, water buoys to create a range of objects that look vaguely familiar and recognisable, but aren’t. 

Here are some of the models Anne has been experimenting with, and the finished work  


look at the Wetlands website for all the works

To look Forward to.....

For many years the Greater London Area has supported makers at Cockpit are some of may be interested in their work; please use their websites to find out more

Guilia Manzoni 

Giulia is an Italian Mosaicist and her creation are of high-quality and application of technique, thanks to her broad skill set in mosaic restoration, bespoke architectural mosaic such as marble mosaic floors, and contemporary mosaic.


Jewellery designer and silversmith Meron Wolde combines dramatic texture and contours with elaborate form working in recycled silver and gold drawing inspiration from her background growing up in Sweden and her Eritrean roots.Meron Wolde


Kendall WyattClarke......Contemporary 2D and 3D woven and painted textiles for exhibition and installation.

Amazing textiles made by Kendall Wyatt-Clarke, an awardee of The Arts Society at Cockpit Arts. See more of her work at 


Marsh Award Winners 2020 & our GLA Winner

Heritage Volunteering
Rosalie Gowlland, The Arts Society Greater London Area, winner of the Marsh Award in 2020.

Rosalie is a dedicated Volunteer of many years and is the Heritage Volunteering Area Representative for Greater London, an Area with many diverse projects being delivered by many volunteers drawn from Societies. Originally this role was shared by two people but since the other volunteer stepped down Rosalie has covered it on her own.

Rosalie is very interested in Heritage, enjoys her role and successfully inspires people to volunteer and matches them to suitable projects. She is careful to try and include people from all the Societies in the Area so that they all have the opportunity to participate.

Rosalie handled the recruitment of a large number of volunteers for the substantial and complex Parliamentary Archives project and helped with the discussions at Westminster to agree the process that all would follow.



Royal School of Needlework

Royal School of Needlework Degree Student Lucy Martin joined forces with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) as part of their #CreatorsAssemble project. Lucy, who studies on the three year BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery Degree Programme at Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, has created a 20cm heart template with the National Health Service logo and encouraged people of any level of embroidery and age to stitch the NHS letters and to hang the completed work in their window.

The ethos of the design was to create a piece which employs the traditional skills of hand embroidery combined with showing love and solidarity to NHS staff at this unprecedented time affecting everyone around the United Kingdom and the world. Hand embroidery can be soothing and therapeutic during troubling times, encouraging calm, focused work and inducing a relaxed state of mind.

Lucy said: “Right now, creativity matters more than ever! I was so honoured to be leading this exciting challenge for the RSN Degree and UCA. In creating the NHS heart, I was inspired by the love that our NHS staff show towards their patients 24 hours a day, particularly at this difficult time when most have never experienced such a situation before. Everyone can take part, adults, children, families, no matter their stitch ability, using any materials they have at home.

Lucy was a recipient of a Greater London Area Bursary.

Grants News

We are delighted to support many young people through the award of grants from the Area

 we have supported the following

---Cockpit Arts.To support a studio for a year to a maker...Guilia Manzoni, a master mosaicist.

---Royal Academy of Music...2 bursaries for young composers,  Matthew Oliver and Gareth Moorcraft

---the Koestler Trust to support  the teaching of artwork amongst young offenders; each year there is a free exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, very inspiring.

---Royal School of Needlework.... bursaries and prizes for students, working in the most wonderful textiles. Eleanor Latham made a special piece for us to hang in The Arts Society House. See her piece on the 'Grants' page

---City & Guilds Art School...a bursary for a sculptor student.

---Talk about Art...a project for schools in the Lewisham and Greenwich areas, culminating in an exhibition visited by hundreds of children and their parents.

-- and many grants to local groups of the Arts Society supporting Arts projects for local school children.

--we are encouraging the 25 societies in the London Area to support art projects in local schools and organisations where art teaching and experiences are woefully short. go to 'Grants' for more information