Information on Grants

The Greater London Area of the Arts Society has a modest amount of money each year with which to support their charitable aims.

There are a few “rules”, as follows:-

The project must be within the London area or be associated with a National organisation and

 involve young people (under 25) in development in the wider arts

 contribute to conservation or heritage through local museums or galleries

 support skill development in any age group.

We do not consider projects which have already concluded. At the conclusion of a project, the London Area will require a short report or presentation on the outcome and success of the project. We also require acknowledgement of the donation, and some reasonable publicity on behalf of the member societies of the London Area Arts Society;  also some mention of the Arts Society and its activities in any publicity material produced by the recipients. The project will be considered by the Greater London Committee, and the awarding of a grant decided by them.

For external organisations  We do consider applications for a modest grant from external organisations, particularly related to support for young people, or crafts people This does not include any project where the organisation or society concerned has adequate funds to be able to support the activity themselves. Please use this form to apply

For GLA societies.  "Celebrate the Arts 2020"

 In 2020, we will be encouraging special projects for our GLA societies for Young Arts projects where, in a local school or community project where the arts offered, arts education or involvement is inadequate and needs to be introduced.   Each Society can apply for £500 to help their initiative using the form below. Societies have been briefed on the ideas behind this offer.

Click here to apply complete this application form and submit it.

Contact:  if you have any further queries.