Information Days

Are you a Chairman trying to encourage a member to join the Committee?  Are you about to become Chairman ?

Would you like to know more about being a Programme Secretary or Visits or Study Course Organiser? .

If you enjoy your Society, you could help by joining the Committee, or by volunteering to helping with meetings, or visits or by the Heritage Volunteers, or Young Arts projects (see the Volunteering pages on this web-site)...and add to your enjoyment.  We can help any volunteer to learn about any new Committee role by inviting them to attend information days... these are opportunities for getting to know more about the organisation, to meet others, to forge connections, and to explore the challenges and solutions experienced by other Societies. Join an information day - see the examples below – learn lots about the Arts Society in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
To find out what is available or planned, visit the online events calendar at or contact The Arts Society House on 0203 2069 342 or

Examples of Information Days: - 

Aimed at new or potential Committee Members (although experienced ones are more than welcome) this day gives some background to The Arts Society; its history and how it works, plus covering the resources available to help with Committee roles and basic Society administration.
A two day event with an overnight stay in London; both days are full of well-paced content to help you in your new and exciting role as Chair. The evening will be spent networking with colleagues from around the country over dinner.
The Arts Society will pay for your food and accommodation whilst societies will pay for your travel as before. We recognise the importance of the role of Society Chair and have designed this two-day event to ensure that you are equipped with the tools you need to run your Society effectively and confidently. Both new Chairs and Chair-designates are welcome.

So many Societies say they have difficulties recruiting volunteers, particularly for Committee succession, but also when trying to get volunteering projects off the ground. This forum focuses on where to look for more volunteers and supporters, how to attract them and encourage them to get involved, and how to build a bank of volunteer resources. This day will be of interest to any Committee Member trying to motivate more people to participate in running a Society.

Programme planners are vital to any Committee and their role is at the heart of their Society. This day is designed to equip Programme Planners with the tools they need to ensure they are able to be as effective in their role as possible whether they are booking lecturers, organising a study day or organising a visit. All aspects of the process with be covered, from the creative to the logistical, including information on finance, marketing and the help available from The Arts Society House. There will also be the opportunity to discuss and develop ideas with other participants.

The prospect of speaking in public can hold terrors for anyone. We help you build up skills, confidence and effectiveness when addressing an audience. These days are fun and informal and as group sizes are kept small everyone gets the opportunity to participate fully. NB: No recording involved!

The idea of negotiating fills many of us with dread although we do it most days of our lives often without even realising it. This fun and informal workshop will give participants the confidence to negotiate in a variety of different situations including with Lecturers, committee colleagues and venues ensuring they get the best outcome for all concerned. The workshop will also provide the opportunity to meet with members from other Societies and exchange ideas and experience.

Mailchimp is a quick, flexible, effective – and free! – way of communicating with your membership. No more postage stamps! More than that, it is a safe and efficient way of sharing the latest Society news and generating publicity. We will learn to set up an account, create a database of members email addresses, create an email e-newsletter and show you how to send out a mailing, as well as looking at alternative free emailing services and the Data Protection Act implications for Societies.
(Please note that attendees are encouraged to bring laptops to use on the day. Mailchimp does not work well on tablets or iPads. Also ensure that you are used to and comfortable with using any laptop/tablet you bring as the trainer will not be able to assist you with how to use your hardware and this can disrupt the order of the day)
This Training requires an understanding of the following:

  • ·         Computer skills that are above a basic level
  • ·         Experience of using Microsoft Word or a similar programme
  • ·         The navigation of files and folders on a computer

If you aren't sure of any of the above, you may struggle to keep up with the day.

There has been a big demand for training on using spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are so useful for financial planning, not just for Treasurers, but for Committee Members running trips and tours, creating budgets and updating them. They are highly useful for Membership Secretaries as your membership lists can be download into an Excel spreadsheet. Spreadsheets can be used as databases, recording information, finding information and for any calculations you need to make. No previous knowledge is necessary.
Membership recruitment and retention is something that every Society, regardless of how big, needs to be thinking about. This forum focuses on where to look for Members, how to spark their interest in your Society, and how to engage and retain them once they've joined. This day will be of interest to any Committee Member looking to learn more on recruiting and retaining Members for their Society.
Treasurer's Training events are run twice each year in July and December. Although these events have historically been seen as “training” for new Treasurers, there are considerable benefits to existing Treasurers even if they have attended previously. In an informal and pleasant environment there is the opportunity to mix, share ideas and network with fellow Treasurers and Finance Department staff, whilst also focusing on some of the key issues and requirements around the role.
The event will cover amongst other things the following key issues:

  • ·         Overview and duties of the Society Treasurer
  • ·         Accounting for cash
  • ·         Annual accounts preparation & budgeting
  • ·         The Arts Society Finance
  • ·         Affiliation fees & fares pool
  • ·         Maximising Income
  • ·         Reserves
  • ·         Risk management & The Arts Society Insurance
  • ·         Gift Aid & Grants
  • ·         Banking arrangements
  • ·         VAT & Corporation Tax
  • ·         Charitable status
  • ·         Current issues
  • ·         Open forum, networking & Treasurers’ questions

All these days are to help you in your role. We hope you will benefit, but also have an enjoyable time!!!!