THE ROMANOVS Тhe Public and Private Lives of Russian Royalty in Tsarist Russia

Monday, November 22, 2021 - 10:00


Lecturer:          Dr Rosamund Bartlett
Two lectures    10:00am - 1pm, with15 minute break
Cost:                £20 
In May 1913, the Emperor Nicholas II, his wife and four children, set off in a flotilla of steamboats down the Volga, echoing the journey undertaken by the first Romanov ruler Mikhail three hundred years earlier. Their pilgrimages to ancient Russian cities formed part of an extravagant national celebration designed to celebrate the supposedly inviolable bond between the Tsar and his loyal people, but just a few years later the Russian Revolution brought the Romanov dynasty to an abrupt end.  This morning of lectures will explore the eventful reigns of the most illustrious of the sixteen Tsars and four Tsarinas who ruled Russia under the Romanov regime, including Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. As well as discussing questions of art patronage, politics and pageantry, we will also look behind the closed doors of their magnificent palaces to illuminate the often turbulent dramas of their family lives, as well as those of the many Grand Dukes and Duchesses who bore the name of Romanov. 
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