Monday, February 7, 2022 - 00:00 to Monday, May 9, 2022 - 00:00


London of the 21st Century is irreversibly cosmopolitan, with a mix of cultures, religions and ethnicities. From 2000, the city boomed with new and exciting buildings and for the Millennium the O2 opened, and later provided a concert and exhibition centre; and the Bankside Power Station was developed into Tate Modern, now counting about 5.8 million visitors a year.

The Docklands area continued to grow and the regeneration project extended from Tower Bridge to the Thames Estuary and was followed by more regeneration projects stretching west along the river Thames. The Eurostar moved to Stratford and  London became the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games with the main Olympic site in the Lower Lea Valley.

The Shard opened in 2013 and the area around it and London Bridge station was developed. London now has more than 40 theatres, two opera houses, and five symphony orchestras, plus an enormous number of fringe theatre companies, arts events, dance groups, musicians, stand–up comedians and performance poets.

In this, the final year of our History of London Through Its Artists & Craftsmen course we will be looking at the first two decades of this new century, but also glancing backwards at some of the artists and craftsmen that we have not yet managed to investigate and enjoy.  


DAY 1    4 October 2021          LONDON’S FORGOTTEN RIVERS & CANALS. Lecturer Roger Butler

                                                    Afternoon visit:  A canal side walk  

DAY 2    25 October 2021         LATE 20th C  LONDON ARCHITECTURE. Lecturer Colin Davis    

                                                    Afternoon visit:    An architecture walk

DAY 3    15 November 2021      FLEET STREET. Lecturer Geri Parlby

                                                    Afternoon visit:   tbc

DAY 4    6 December 2021       MODERN JEWELLERY. Lecturer Andrew Prince

                                                    Afternoon visit:   The Jewellery Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum


DAY 5    7 February 2022        THE QUEEN’S PAINTINGS ON DISPLAY. Lecturer Linda Collins

                                                    Afternoon visit:  third lecture in the afternoon

DAY 6  21 February 2022       THE ROYAL MAIL. Lecturer John Francis

                                                    Afternoon visit:   A visit to the Postal Museum & Mail Rail

DAY 7   7 March 2022             21st CENTURY LONDON ARCHITECTURE. Lecturer  Colin Davies

                                                    Afternoon visit:    An architecture walk                    

DAY 8 28 March 2022          THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE. Lecturer Nigel Bates

                                                    Afternoon visit:  The Royal Opera House    

DAY 9   11 April  2022        ART IN THE CITY Lecturer Alexandra Epps

                                                    Afternoon visit:   A walk in the City

DAY 10   26 April 2022         BIRTH & GROWTH of LONDON’S AUCTION HOUSES Lecturer Grant Ford

                                                    Afternoon visit:   An auction house visit 

DAY 11 9 May 2022             THE CHANGING FACE OF LONDON

                                                    Afternoon visit:  The Sky Garden

 All morning lectures at the Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT   

Afternoon Sessions only available to those booking the whole 11 day course

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