Church Recorders






What was Church Recording?      Church Recorders set out to discover and document forgotten and hidden heritage in churches which were under threat from break-ins and theft, lack of awareness of what they possess, and  lack of money to care for what they own.  For the past 50 years Church Recorders have helped to deal with at least some of these problems, and have recorded 2000 churches.
When the Church Record was completed, copies were lodged with:
• the church
• the diocesan or other local archives 

• Church Buildings Council
• Victoria and Albert Museum
• National Monuments Record Centre

Who were these Church Recorders?  

Members of the Arts Society who had an interest in preserving important artefacts and providing archival material for future researchers. 

Who benefited?
• the church authorities who have a complete furnishing record
• the police who use our accurate description and photographs to identify retrieved stolen artefacts
• Insurance companies who use our Records to identify items
• Researchers who are producing theses and books on allied subjects